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How much does artificial insemination cost for single cycle ?

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How much does  artificial insemination cost for single cycle IVF ?

Single Cycle In Vitro Fertilization Cost  $8,500 without monitoring and $10,000  with monitoring

Costs for additional procedures :

Costs for Additional ( with Single Cycle Pricing )

ICSI, injection of directly in the eggs $1500
Blastocyst culture and transfer( day 5 transfer) No additional cost
Embryo freezing-( includes 1 year of storage ) $750
Frozen embryo transfer cycle( thaw, culture and transfer ) $4,000
Frozen embryo transfer cycle( thaw, culture and transfer ) $4,000
Embryo storage $ 700/ year
Sperm freezing $150
PGD cost- embryo biopsy $1400

Included services in IVF cost :

Ovarian stimulation monitoringAnesthesia for egg retrievalEgg retrieval procedureFertilization and culture of the eggsEmbryo transfer procedureAll physician, IVF lab, and facility fees associated with in vitro fertilization
Excluded services- not included in IVF cost :

Pre-IVF screening ( see below) Medications( see below) Embryo or sperm or storage- these are optional servicesPregnancy testing and monitoring of early pregnancyConsultations with
How much does IVF cost ?

That is a straightforward question that should have a clear and simple answer. However, at some IVF the answer is confusing .

Some clinics charge separately for the various components of IVF. For , there can be charges from :

Be sure that you understand the total cost of the in vitro fertilization cycle before committing to treatment. The average cost for a complete IVF cycle in the US is about $ 12,000 plus . In metropolitan areas it is often higher .

There are some low cost IVF programs that charge significantly less than average, while others charge $15,000 or more for a complete in vitro cycle without .

Do not equate cost with quality when it comes to IVF. Some clinics charge a lot but have low success rates. Be sure to know the IVF live birth success rates at any you consider .

Some clinics have a low How much does artificial insemination cost cost and low success rates so that it up cost more to have a baby.

What IVF pricing at The Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago better than at other clinics in Chicago and Wisconsin ?

Straightforward IVF Costs- all of our IVF cost are on our website. No costs.IVF Pricing Options- we offer single cycle IVF as well as multiple cycle plans- with or without a back guarantee.Lower IVF cost than other IVF programs in the Chicago and Wisconsin areas
Recommended testing prior to starting in vitro fertilization :

Ovarian reserve testing

FSH, LH, estradiol and AMH blood tests on day 2, 3 or 4 of the cycle- $75 per testUltrasound antral follicle counts and ovarian volumes- $250 Evaluation of the uterus with 3D ultrasound- this is done at the same as the ultrasound for antral follicle counts( see above) Semen analysis, if one has not been done in the past 12 months- $70 at our centerOffice hysteroscopy to thoroughly evaluate the cavity of the uterus- $500 Infectious screening blood work( both partners)- cost usually covered by insurance( if not covered, cost is $120 for male and $210 for female screening) Female partner is also suggested to do cystic fibrosis carrier testing, a vitamin D level, and thyroid testing with TSH and free T4( all of these are usually covered by insurance )

Medication cost for IVF

Costs for IVF are not included in our IVF pricing plans. cost can be as low as $1500, but average about $3000 and vary according to the unit , the dosage and the duration of the ovarian stimulation. Meds can cost up to $7000. Insurance sometimes IVF .

Full fees vs. discounted fees

All in vitro fertilization cost listed on this page reflect” discounts” and are paid in advance unless we have a written statement from an insurance company saying that they will pay .

” Cash discounted” IVF cost are for couples without fertility insurance coverage, or those that prefer to pay in advance and submit their own billing to insurance .

Insurance companies do not accept a” package ” for IVF( there is no CPT code for it ). Because insurance is billed by individual procedure, the total billed depends on what is done during the IVF cycle .

The total billed to insurance for the IVF-related codes( without ICSI) is about $8000 at our . The total billed for ovarian stimulation monitoring for IVF is about $2000.

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